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RAMWAY Technology Co., Ltd is one of the most professional designer and manufacturer of electrical components for energy management and industrial field, main product series includes various of current transformer, shunt, lathcing relay, customizable integrated assembly etc.

Meanwhile, RAMWAY also is a products company with a service mentality. Each day, we work with our customers to better understand their needs and ideas to develop switching solutions that enhance their energy management capabilities. Our engineering team consistently provides sound advice and engineering expertise that allows us to customize and optimize our products for large-volume orders. Just by this way, RAMWAY latching relay offers reliability and quality in manufacturing and a supply chain to provide the highest level of service to our customers. Wide cooperation relationship with the world famous energy meter manufacturer, we can provide an advanced, optimized design offering cost efficient options but with higher reliability,

RMWAY Latching relay core components used for energy meter meets the requirements of the IEC standards IEC62052-31/IEC62055-31annex c. RAMWAY company platform based approach enables rapid integration of relay devices into customer applications by solution optimization. Customization is our specialty and our R&D engineers are available to assist in controlling & measuring components selection and meter integration. We recommend early involvement to help realise simple and cost effective solutions for you.

To create maximum value for our customers is our glorious mission. welding
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Single phase magnetic relay 

Image of latching relay with reset

DS802B  50A

with switch button

DS904C 120A

with shunt

DS906A 120A DS903C 100A
DS902H 60A/ 70A / 80A DS904B 90A 100A DS902F 60A /80A DS903C 100A


Two Phase magnetic latching relay

DS908H 100A DS908D 100A DS908C 90A DS908G 100A

DS908E 90A DS908A 70A DS908B 100A  DS908M 70A
DS908L 90A 

 DS908F 200A American standard relay with Auxiliary switch

DS908F 120A 200A  DS908k 70A


Three Phase magnetic latching relay

DS907C 80A

3 Phase Latching relay

DS907E 120A doublelayer

3 phase latching relay

DS907D single layer

3 phase latching relay

 ER261020 ER14250 2pt  ER9V CR2
ER26500-6 3.6V C Size 9AH

ER18505 3.6v A Size 4AH

ER34615M CR123A
DX34615 3.9V 16.6Ah ER261020 3.6V 17AH  ER14505+LIC0813 CR-P2

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